the cultural-shock in 2024

Das Weltkulturerbe in 2024

The World-Cultural-Heritage


Ursula Empress 

To all Radio- and TV-Organisations

Worldwide as CC



Broadcasting Centre Stuttgart

Neckarstrasse 230

70190 Stuttgart


Germany, Luebeck, (2001, July 30th )




Dear Sir or Madam!

Also for you it`s time to come into closer contact with the handwriting of your Empress.

Today is summer sale; that also applies to your gossiping and tittle-tattle TV-programs.

Stop to make businesses with problems of other people, when you publish these people and often as a result in turn you move publicly others into dirt.

You will make a “fly” faster than you may think, if you should further want to work in this level by pulling some people into the undertow.

Pay attention to the XYXX sender and if need is, change editorial staff immediately, because in such a way one does not solve the problems of people; there is instead another interlocutor one can entrust Him with the problems and the problems were taken into work, too, already by your Authorities, whom by the way consists of three persons.

It is very frightful to see and to listen, how already a man gossips and tittle-tattles about others just like an old gossip!! !

It becomes highest time that your Authorities take away your most dangerous toys; in the first place stand the TV-and Radio-stations.

People of the medium institutions mainly work with the psyche of their listeners, of their readers and of their spectators and ought therefore be able to note, that the societies are already in an unnatural relationships of the sexes like imagined by nature.

Here in the FRG is a German hit only an example in order to be able to note very clearly, in which stage the human being already is by the relationship to his partner.

Your Empress would like mention some slogans to wake you up and to request you to lead yourselves more precisely on eyes and ears the songs and texts of the interpreters and the relevant dance groups, which a man dance group from the point of view of your Empress has become effeminate and slippery.

In such a way your Empress could get feel sick and fear from such a show, you may gladly know that!

Furthermore, please pay attention to the texts and songs, which are represented by the masculine sex and please compare, if it is possible, the modification of the interpreters of former and today. Now the masculine voice shows a higher and weaker sound more and more often and the beautiful masculine voice is to be missed more and more.

The most frequent text contents of today of the hits and songs of the masculine interpreters read as follows:

Hold me, I need you, Take back me into your arms, Do not leave me, Come back again, Stay with me I need you, I want more and more of you, You are everything I need, Everything is possible tonight, I come back again next year, Protect me, I do not die once again, and so on and so forth.

The most frequent text contents of the hits and songs of the women read nowadays:

I have learned to get up again and again, Strong women weep secretly, No fear I hold you, Bring a little love into my live, Come up into my arms, I stay alone, The heart is stronger than reason, I do not die once again, and so on and so forth.

Nobody still may be surprised if it reads:

At first a Cappuccino, then a little wine and then it’s your turn, otherwise, a normal woman gets in right difficulties with such jumping jacks, because precise these men make a woman daily “more beautiful” as one can see later.

In the international hit lists however the call according to “Mommy” always becomes clearer; probably that is already the last cry for help in the subconscious of a human being.

Your Empress always wits for it, that the dog and the cat are included in the songs and hits of today but no doubt, so many time will be no more available.

However one hit is already well know in the German market and reads: Oh, my darling I do it now…..wau, wau,……………. The dog must get out…..

And then you mix normal love songs with the moan and howl songs too, you naive and silly kindergarten, you!

Please, pass this writing along the editors, all presenters, all singer-songwriters and all interpreters as quickly as possible and move slowly but surely in the right direction.

On behalf of


Document checked 16. Dec. 2018/  30 May 2021